Dell SE198WFPv

I bought two of these knowing that it is not in working condition for $10. I ran out of ideas how to make it work. When I plug in the power cord, the screen is just blank and the power button does not even light up. However, I can faintly see the screen trying to get power in fraction of a second(the blank screen gets a bit darker slightly). Im thinking it needs to get the power supply replace? but any ideas?
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  1. There's a lot of it about. Frequently it's the power supply capacitors, usually in the range 16 to 20 volts, which have failed due to heat (or general Chinese rubbishness).

    The hardest job is often opening the case but, once in, the capacitors helpfully often show failure through bulging or leakage (though they may have gone despite looking okay).

    If you can solder, replacement is a breeze and cheap. By the same token as diagnosis and repair take under an hour, it's also economic to take to an honest repair guy.
  2. Hopefully your right because its really ironic that both of them have the same problem.
    I will try opening it today and see, and probobly post pictures.
    Also do you how much it would probably cost by taking it to a shop?
  3. "Also do you how much it would probably cost by taking it to a shop?"

    Depends on local factors.
  4. I have disassemble the dell...well kinda. Im having trouble disconnecting a wire that connects to the board and the screen. Their is like a push pin at the sides but even though im pushing it im having a hard time taking it out. Here what it looks like.
  5. These connectors are fragile. From what I can make out there are white plastic tabs at each side which my release the cable if gently pushed outwards.

    Incidentally that looks like the video board. Power board (which is what you want) is often separate.
  6. Well I finally got it apart. But I dont see any signs of bad capacitor. Their is a white fuse but idk if that is bad.

  7. The fuse probably isn't the issue though you could put a multimeter on it and if the impedance isn't zero something's wrong.

    Obviously you have identified the power board -- if there's anything wrong with the video board, replacement is probably the only option.

    On the power board the likely faulty caps are the medium sized bluey/green ones (probably 16-20 volts ?) . If you can solder, I'd replace the lot. They cost peanuts. Obviously note which values go where and the polarity. If you can, match the values closely -- though slightly higher voltage tolerance is probably a good thing.

    I'd invest in a solder pump (under $10 and a friend for life)

    As the caps are not obviously faulty, of course they may not be the problem -- but if you feel confident soldering, it's no great chore and the total component cost should not much exceed $5.
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