Which system for a strictly gaming laptop?


I'm in the market for a laptop and am looking for an affordable desktop replacement that can handle heavy gaming. I would really like a 17"+ screen but I'd be willing to go with a 15.6" if I'll get better performance for my dollar.

The system's I've narrowed it down to are:

Asus G Series G51Vx-X3A

Asus N71JQ-X1

Asus G Series G51JX-X1

I'm leaning toward the N71JQ-X1 because it has the newest tech and the screen size I want. My worry is that the Radeon 5730 won't be enough card to handle the gaming I like to do. I also just like the look of that system much more than the other 2. I'm just trying to figure out if the other 2 systems will outperform it by enough to warrant giving up the screen size, USB 3, DirectX 11 capability and asthetics.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    G51Vx performs the best in games
  2. G51vx is the best among them as for gaming GPU power matters the most.
    It has better GPU than the rest.Though the Processor may be weaker but since you wanna game That will be the best choice.
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