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Hello All,

My modem is currently resetting at random times while streaming Netflix or from my PS3. My connection to my laptop is great and never drops. I have a 3 way splitter with -7,-3.5 and -3.5. I am only using two of the ports. -7 to cable box and -3.5 to modem (Not really sure what these mean) while plugging my router and modem into a strip surge protector. Should i only use a 2 way splitter since i'm not using the other port? if so what numbers should i be connecting to? Its so frustrating that my connection drops at random times and then have to wait for the modems lights to completely reset.

Any ideas on what i should do?
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  1. Are you sure that only happens with the PS3? Maybe you don't use the laptop long enough for it to reset? The modem actually reboots itself? Or what happens?
  2. Not positive but definitely seems that way. I've been on the laptop for last hour and no problems but if i turn my netflix on and watch not even 5 min of a show the modem will reset (meaning all of the lights will turn off and then cycle and connect) then i will be ok until it happens again randomly
  3. The PS3 should be connected though the Router, if anything, the router would be the one resetting. See if the cable company will replace the modem.
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