Problem with CD/DVD drive

I have a HP G60 notebook and when I load my computer and try to access my CD/DVD drive, the computer is saying it is not detected
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  1. Try going to HP's support site and downloading the latest driver/firmware for the DVD drive. It could be that the driver was deleted or it could be a sign of the DVD drive going out.
  2. In the case of missing CD drive on a laptop the first thing to do is to check if you can see the drive in the BIOS or when you boot up. If you can then the fault is with Windows and you should delete the upper and lower filters in the registry, if you can’t then you have a hardware fault, in which case the first thing I would try is to undo the single screw that holds the CD drive in, remove the drive and then refit, a bad connection to the CD drive is very common on notebooks. If this doesn’t work then try another CD drive.
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