Where can I find a replacement screen for a 50\

I am in need of a replacement screen for a 50" plasma tv, made by Pioneer. If one cannot be found, then can you tell me where I may be able to purchase a new plasma, preferably 50". Thank you.
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  1. You can possibly contact pioneer directly, though, they no longer manufacturer panels. I am guessing this will be fairly cost prohibitive due to dwindiling panel supply

    For General Service & Support
    call 1-800-421-1404

    In terms of replacing your existing TV, i'd very highly recommend the Panasonic VT series panels. They are hands down, the second best panel to the now discontinued Pioneer KURO. You can pick up a 50" VT-25 for about 1500. I currently own a Pioneer PRO-1130, and a 58 VT-25, and absolutely LOVE both. I still think the Pioneer's colors are a bit more accurate in the default Pure mode VS the THX mode on the Panasonic, but the black levels on the panasonic are an improvement.
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