Installing windows 7, wont read it from the DVD drive!

Ok so, this is my first ever post and i joined just to post this haha after lurking here for ages, um basically i installed ubuntu to play around with and now i want to put windows 7 on it... Except it refuses to read it from the dvd drive, it reads the ubuntu cd still and would let me continue to install that again so i guess that grub is still on there not letting me read the windows 7 dvd or something? or is the windows mbr missing or something, i really dont know and i need help :P thank you to anyone who responds :)

-I solved the problem, after countlessly formatting the drive and all that stuff with bootit NG i installed windows xp, couldnt access the recovery console off my disc so i installed it on xp as a startup choice.

-I rebooted into the recovery console from the boot choices menu and used fixmbr, still couldnt boot from my windows 7 disc and i was at a loss.

-Pondering around on the XP desktop inside the 7 DVD which came up in my computer, i opened setup.exe and that bought up the installer that would have come up having successfully booted from the 7 dvd, i installed 7 over my previous XP partition and now everything works perfectly :)
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  1. If you insert the dvd under ubuntu, can you read it from there? It may be that your dvd drive can't read the type of DVD (not sure if they are +R, -R, RAM, etc... disks).

    Provided there is nothing wrong with the dvd, perhaps you should try creating a [url]bootable Windows 7 install flash drive and install from that?
  2. Lets start by asking to make sure that you have dvd drive and not just a cd drive. Have you set the bios to boot from dvd and powered on the machine with the dvd in it?
  3. I actually considered making a flash drive with 7 on it then got sidetracked once i couldnt find my flash drive and craved pineapple juice so ill do that now. I dont have ubuntu installed at the moment, sorry if i wasnt being very clear. And i used the same type of DVD (same brand etc) for ubuntu to install it on that comp originally as i did to burn windows 7 onto. It has two DVD drives installed, one is just a dvd drive and one says something like multi recordable? anyway it uses the bottom one and thats what the boot order reflects because i put my bootit ng dvd into the bottom one and it loaded it from there without a problem, as i did with ubuntu. The multi recordable one is empty. It says the partition isnt bootable and to insert a bootable floppy into drive A, even if i have completely disabled everything to do with floppy drives in the bios. Im at a loss.
  4. @ Anonymous1

    Haha... good point. I probably should have started with that.

    @ starkore

    Try the flash drive install anyway, as it will proceed much faster than an install from a DVD. Regarding the disk itself, perhaps the burn was bad? If you don't mind potentially wasting another dvd, try burning the disk at a lower speed this time and see if it works. When you do burn disks at higher speeds, check the verify disk option in your burning software to ensure the disk can be properly read by the drive after the burn is done.
  5. Thanks again :P I know they are definately DVD drives, i always have burnt my disks for new OS installs at the lowest speed and the disk has been used to install at least 3-4 windows 7 installations on other computers :D
  6. Ok im going to burn another xp disc today and try that :P

    EDIT: Solved the problem myself eventually, thanks for your help though :)
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