Xp Restarting Problem with bitdefender 2010

i hav installed bitdefender then it asks to restart
when i restarted win xp starts but soon a black screen appears and my pc restarts

i hav tried both bitdefender antivirus and internet security 2010 but the same problem is there

please help me

thanx for help in advance

i have acer aspire 4520
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  1. Seems like an imcompatibility issue. Are you downloading the appropriate version of the above mentioned software? What service pack are you running?
  2. When faced with this type of problem I don’t normally try and figure out why it doesn’t work (time is money) as you can spend a great deal of time trying to sort it out. A repair install of the operating system is the fastest way to fix it.
    You may have a virus which explains why your computer is behaving as it is.
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