Toshiba Satellite L505 making hissing noises

It started this morning when i turned it on. Hissing noises were coming from the speakers, as well as my headset when i plugged it in. I finally seemed to isolate the least, how to fix it, although i don't fully understand it. After much tinkering around with my audio options, i realized that when I muted my microphone under Sound Options, the noises would stop...So now i understand that i can just mute my microphone whenever i turn on my computer, and the noises will stop. (Which, by the way, it will make a horrible screeching noise when i plug in the microphone jack on my headset). But I'd like a more permanent solution. I really do use my microphone a lot, so i'd hate to not be able to utalize it anymore. Anyone have any suggestions?
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  1. Seems like it could be the signs of the sound card going out, a bad mic, or a bad driver. Try updating the driver from toshiba's support site and see if that corrects the issue.
  2. Does the problem persist when your AC adapter is unplugged?

    What happens when you use a different mic? Does the screeching go away when you cover the mic with your had?

    The screeching is probably what's known as a feedback loop. It occurs when your mic hears what your speakers are playing, which is what the mic hears, which is what the speakers are playing...this loop goes on and on, getting amplified by your amplifier every time, which turns the audio into a screeching sound.
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