Is my laptop dying?

Hi, I have problems with my laptop. I have a 2 and 1/5 year old HP g6065ea (it came with Vista, Now on WIN 7) and first my DVD drive started playing tricks on me... while burning a DVD it made error in nero and it disappeared from my computer after restart it worked but then disappeared again. And so on and off for about a month(during this time it wouldn't boot from CD/DVD), now it's not recognized at all, as if it's not there.

Today my sound stopped after exiting a game that asked for OpenAL before starting. I installed OpenAL and the game worked after I closed the game, the music in WMP went mute, it said it was playing but no sound. After restart it said no audio devise. After several restarts still nothing. I reseted the bios by taking out the battery. The sound came back with no problem but after a few minutes of playing video on youtube the sound disappeared again. Tried changing the volume and "Volume mixer" crashed.

Now I can't bring back the sound card whatever I do... In HWinfo it says unknown or no card installed and in Device Manager there's no trace of sound card.

So is my Laptop dying? What can I do?

Sorry for the long post. Any help will be appreciated.

P.S. Oh and I have dual boot with Ubuntu 9.10 and it doesn't find the DVD/Audio also. And it also has problems starting up, stops at bios sometimes.
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  1. It sounds like your hard drive is going bad. They are pretty cheap to replace.
  2. JDV28 said:
    It sounds like your hard drive is going bad. They are pretty cheap to replace.

    hi, thx for replying.

    How is my HDD going bad? I tried removing the HDD and running live ubuntu but it would not boot from the DVD... I think the BIOS is going mad...but I updated my bios and nothing.
    i reinstalled win7 from USB and it installed with no problem, but it still wouldn't see my DVD drive

    At first I thought my DVD drive was busted but now I have the same problems with my sound card.
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