Installing Windows 7 Fresh.

Hi, I have an Asus c90s laptop and about 6 months ago I updated to windows 7 after vista didnt work when I updated the BIOS. At first my USB ports and everything worked but over time they stopped working one by one. My CD/DVD burner also stopped writing cd/dvds. I believe this was most likely due to the fact that I updated windows automatically. Recently I downloaded the Windows 7 ISO and mounted and installed it. It didn't ask for my product key and I believe it simply backed up my old configuration, drivers, updates, etc when it installed. Because of this my USB ports still don't work and I really need to use my mouse as my finger pad is in rough shape. I was wondering if I used another computer to burn the ISO image to a disk and booted from there would it install fresh? Without the updates that most likely caused my USB ports to stop working... I've tried every fix for the USB ports and simply can find no solution. Any advice is appreciated.
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  1. uhhh, if USB ports fail one by one, slowly, that means that the USB controller is dying or the ports themselves are dying. Either way, it's hardware, not software.

    I'm 75% sure that you have hardware issues and installing a new OS will not fix that.

    However, if you boot from a disk (yes you can burn the ISO from another computer) you will be able to perform a fresh install.
  2. Did a fresh boot and it all works now.
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