1280x1024 to 1920x1080- how much of an FPS decrease should I expect?

I'm finally getting rid of my CRT!

Before I do, though, I wanted a general idea as to how much of an FPS decrease I should expect while gaming. I primarily run at 1280x1024, but will be upgrading to an LCD 1920x1080 monitor.
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  1. Depends on the video card and the game.

    See following reviews as an example:

    Contemporary Graphics Cards in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

    Contemporary Graphics Cards in Metro 2033

    Contemporary Graphics Cards Performance in Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    Contemporary Graphics Accelerators in Mass Effect 2
  2. Depends entirely on your system dude. I will say this, going from 1680x1050 to 1920x1080 I had a noticeable difference on my system.

    My system:
    q6600 @3.0ghz
    4 gig ddr2 800
    Nvidia GTX 260 216 core OC

    One thing I will tell you for sure.. You will want a graphics card with at least 768, preferably 1gig of ram onboard. 1920x1080 is kinda the turning point - I would say 1920x1080 and above, you really want a 1 gig memory graphics card.

    Screens 1920 x 1080 and above can really utilize more ram on a graphics card. I would say that your 1280 x 1024 would be fine with a 512 ram card..
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