Looking for advice on new HDTV purchase

Been looking for a new HDTV for a while now and was hoping you guys could help me affirm what the best choice would be. The points of the tv i'm looking at are

-at least 47 inches
-Decent name brand (Vizio at the lowest, LG, Samsung, Panasonic have been considered. no viore, haier, etc have been considered)
-Full 1080p
-If plasma, I would ONLY consider a panasonic.

Some of the specs i was hoping to find are specifically

-240 hz preferably for LCD (moot point for plasma)
-Smart tv functionality, specifically with Amazon VOD, or a workaround would be acceptable too.
-Back panel LEDs (not edge lit)
-Refurbished models are acceptable. I've seen some fantastic deals on refurbished Vizios and i've had good luck so far with the Vizio brand even though people tell me not to look at it.

3D would be fine if it fits into the price, but it's not a selling point as often you have to buy your own glasses and we dont' have a 3D player.

Here's the kicker. I'm specifically looking for a tv under $1000 USD from an online retailer (amazon preferably), hopefully closer to 700 if we can get the price that low. My wife doesn't care to buy a new TV so lower prices are better, basically i'm looking for "best bang for your buck"

I don't really see the difference between, say


and This

Other than the Hz being 120 instead of 240, why is the second tv almost twice as expensive? What about the 2000 or 2500 dollar tvs? are they just a ripoff?

Any suggestions?
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  1. i dont understand the whole need for 120hz or 240hz televisions. if you ever want to hook up something besides tv (like a game system or pc) it causes nothing but trouble. what you gain, while noticible, is not a huge improvment.

    the last time i looked active led matrix style backlighting was only available on the top of the line televisions. between edge lit and ccfl there isnt much of a difference except the significant (maybe $9/month) power savings.

    an alternative to smart tv is to run a home theater pc or to hook up your desktop to the tv. be aware that 120 or 240hz can cause a noticible delay between action and display (a fraction of a second).

    3d technology on tv is a complete gimmick. it looks like sliding two pieces of paper over one another. you can waste your money if you wish.

    refurbished models are cheaper but i would be worried about how long they will last. you dont know the past history of why the user got rid of them in the first place.

    the top two choices for a television should be sony then samsung. perhaps lg or panasonic next. i would avoid vizio just like you would haier, olevia, and the others. finding parts for them is next to impossible.

    a family member recently asked for advice on a 46" television. what i had to recommend was a sony bravia 46" 60hz 1080p led, no smart tv which was priced around $450 if i remember correctly.

    smart tv models were about $100 more. and 120/240hz models more yet. the choice is all yours but if you want to go for a budget tv think about not including all the bells and whistles. i can see smart tv (if no htpc hooked up) but i wouldnt go with 3d or 120/240hz.

    the $2000-3000+ televisions are the flagship models with all the newest technology including active led matrix backlighting, 240hz, internet tv, 3d and some even feature a 4 color lcd panel (instead of 3). you pay for all of that. if you have the money to blow, go for it. if you dont then you deal with it.
  2. I can't find any REAL information about the differences. Even LG's website contains very little information. The 8600 series has a dual core processor... for what its worth in a televison.

    The Age old arguement between LCD and Plasma still exists,
    Plasma produces deeper blacks at the 1000 price point, but you suffer from glare if its in a very bright room. Plasma also excels at sports broadcasts due to the irrelevant refresh rate issue.

    LCD is Better for gaming, and the screens produce less glare in a very bright room.

    I personally prefer plasma's picture over LCD, i enjoy deeper blacks, and richer colors.


    If that really isn't an option, the LGs are absolutely incredible LCDs.

    Edit: I also agree with SSDDx
    120HZ vs 240hz is a joke. it's marketing jargon. #1 the LCD panel itself isn't capable of refreshing that quickly, and #2 the human eye isn't even capable of distinguising the difference. The major jump in LED backlighting is indeed Local dimming (the ability to turn off an individual section of the screen) vs edgelit. if you can afford it, you will thank yourself later.
  3. is it ignorant of me to disregard all Plasma TVs except Panasonic? From what I know Panasonic IS plasma tvs, but I haven't been able to find any enticing deals to make me bite yet.

    The arguement about glare is a good one, as we have windows covering the better part of the room we are wanting it in. Is that mostly because they use flat glass or some other inherent issue with the tech?

    Thanks for the input so far. I'll probably supply a list of "maybes" later and have you guys peruse them if you don't mind
  4. Panasonic right now, IMO produces the best plasmas. It is debatable between them and samsung. Panasonic purchased pioneer's major patents a couple years ago when they ceased panel production, and they have began incorperating a lot of their technology. Pioneer was by far the undisputed leader in plasma technology. If you can spring for the VT line, (VT25 can be had for about 1300 bucks if you search around) you won't be sorry. It was named Home theater magazine's product of the year 2010. There is very little difference between the VT25(2010-2011) and the VT30(2011-2012). The VT line is currently the king of plasma sets.

    To directly answer your question, panasonic adopted part of pioneer's first surface technology (single sheet of front glass). This dramatically decreases glare on the VT and GT models. They also have a special coating that cuts down on the reddish glare you normally get with panels. Different manufacturers use this technology, but many still use a two, or three sheet surface. EG protective glass, filter glass, plasma panel. Multiple layers do cause REALLY nasty glare, and odd picture effects.

  5. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006ZH0KJS/ref=s9_hps_bw_g23_ir03?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=center-3&pf_rd_r=070WATB84JVPMG1WJ8JF&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=1342362482&pf_rd_i=3079714011

    Would be on the top of my list. Looks like the "bells and whistles" model. I'd probably never use the 3D but if it comes with then what's the harm. On your suggestion, I disregarded that this is only 120hz. LG that is a 2012 model with local dimming.

    A more basic unit, sony bravia as suggested by SSDDX, maybe not the exact unit he was talking about but close.

    Plasma TV i'd get if i was getting a plasma, again, basic tv, no smart functionality, but other than that 50" for a decent price.


    Model like that is intriguing too, is SHARP still a relevant brand? just seeing a 60" for that low is both intriging and off-putting.

    Possibly better deal than the first LG, all the bells and whilstles and I don't see any reason for it to be cheaper. Maybe i'm missing the point?

    It seems there is a lot of stuff that is made into a big deal that doesn't matter, and a lot of obscure stuff that makes a big deal. Input is appreciated.
  6. I really like the first LG you had picked out, I think it is an awesome LCD choice. I really like the design of the set as well.

    For plasmas, i would look at the ST30, or ST50. It does include all of your bells and whistles, and jumps you to a InfiniteBlack Kuro based panel (much improved contrast).



    As for sharp, they do make good panels, but at this price point, do you want the biggest panel you can get? or do you want the best image quality? IMO, sacrifice the 10 inches, and get image quality.

    Here are two good articles to help you as well:



    Best of luck in your decision!
  7. Is there any particular reason not to go with the LG 47LD950C Over the LG 47LM6700?

    I'm not finding much info on the former, and the difference seems completely in the style of the set.

    correct me if i'm wrong?
  8. The LD950c is CCFL, the 47LM6700 is LED backlit.


    I believe it was a 2009-2010 model year set.

    review on the lm6700
  9. Well, right at my price ceiling, i'm eyeing up the 47LM6700 then. As far as I can tell it's got everything I need. My wife wasn't too impressed when i was showing her potentials last night, but i'll see what she says tonight.

    Thanks for the help so far.
  10. -- deleted due to stupidity
  11. what was the point of think link jcoultas? The set is cheaper at amazon and is on prime, meaning it should arrive in time for the weekend. That's where i was planning on buying it unless you know something I don't?
  12. disregard my link, somehow i missed your link was cheaper! Good luck!
  13. keep in mind that plasma televisions had a very bad reputation for excessive repair costs. i heard it right from the horses mouth (a tv repair tech). i'm not sure if newer models fixed the issues but personally i woudlnt buy one. completely up to you though if the benefits outweigh the risks. a warranty program on one might not be a bad idea if you did decide to go that route.

    as far as the model i was suggesting... it might be considered bare bones but it is what i personally would buy knowing what it out on the market. if you want all the bells and whistles which dont really do much then go for it.

    i dont hold much faith in sharp. i wouldnt put it on the top of your list.

    one nice thing about the samsung lineup is the clear-bezel they offer which makes it appear as if the tv doesnt have a bezel when you view it at normal distances. if i were to buy another tv it would be a huge decision on whether i wanted to stick with sony because of past experience or to try out one of these clear bezel tvs.

    just make sure that you actually go out and see the model tv you want in person. if you dont you could be suprised!
  14. ssddx said:
    just make sure that you actually go out and see the model tv you want in person. if you dont you could be suprised!

    Problem with that is that the closest big box store is a best buy in Billings MT (we live in wyoming, technology capital of the world) about 2 hours away. It would have to be a day trip and still no guarantees they'd have that unit.

    In either case that might be where we're headed. Might plan a trip for the weekend to scope out tech.

    Another beef i'd have with plasmas is that we live just under 4K elevation, and i've heard older plasmas burn out faster at higher altitudes, however from what i know that's been fixed with newer ones.
  15. i wholeheartedly agree that scoping out technology in person isnt the most convenient... however it will allow you to make a much better and informed decision. people perceive sound and sight in different ways. what looks fine to me might look bad to you and vice versa. we can make an educated guess based on reviews but it is still only a guess based on others own take.
  16. Of course. Thank you for the input. Wish there was a way to give 2 best answers as you've both been very helpful and generous with your time.
  17. Pre 10th gen panels could buzz at altitude, due to the higher pressure in the plasma panel itself. My parents live at 9500 feet in here in colorado, their panasonic GT20 is as quiet as mine at 5280 feet.
    But agreed, take the time to go look at them. Call the store, and ask if they have any setup in the store to view, also, as long as you view a set in the same model line, the size is less relevant.
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