AMD XP 2800 "Barton" 333 Need Help running on a7n8

Thanks for checking my topic heres my prob i have the a7n8x deluxe and im a newb to ocing but thats not the main prob when my comp boots thru the post it says it is a 1280 athlon and i know its a amd xp 2800 it came sealed from new egg -_-

It also says the same thing in the os, also i checked the fsb jumper it is on the 333/400 jumper -_- plz someone help me!

o ya my ram is [-peep-] to (i think my board is running at 200 fsb)

Because on post it says my DDR-400 Kingston hyperx ram (pc 3200) is running at 200mghz
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  1. The very first thing that you want to do is go the the Asus site and check to make sure that the BIOS on your motherboard is the most current one available. (Actually, I'll do that for you, but you should learn where it is. A7N8X-X, A7N8X, A7N8X Deluxe all seem to be at 1006. The A7N8X-VM is at 1008.)

    NOTE: Just because the motherboard was just purchased it doesn't mean that it has the most current BIOS.

    The other thing that could affect things is if the memory is being recognized incorrectly. I have had that, in the past, cause a problem with the CPU recognition. Try switching out the memory if you can and see if that helps.

    Also sometimes the CMOS can get bad values in it. I have found that on certain RARE occasions it is helpful to erase the CMOS. Usually there is a jumper on the motherboard for that, but often I just pop the battery and wait 1/2 hour. Put all back together and see.

    That's my help.

    (It could be a bad CPU, but I have not run into that ever on an Athlon CPU. They either work, or don't, they don't generally report to be a different CPU in my experience.)

    Hope that helps,
  2. I refreshed the cmos and that dinit work im gonna try bios updates now
  3. Jim instead of poping the battery out for a half is much easier to remove the battery and put it in upside-down for a a few has the same results just much faster

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  4. well i updated my bios and it dinit fix it anyone else got any ideas -_-
  5. Even your jumper is set on 333/400, did you set this in your BIOS? A7N8X will not auto detect the FSB of your CPU but default to 100MHz.

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  6. no i did not TKH can u plz give me some step by step instructions on how to do it!
  7. read the manual...

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