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I resently installed a new windows 7 home premium,and installed a couple of games,bfbc2,cod4mw2;gta etc. And then I installed Far cry,not far cry 2 ; far cry 1;and whenever I start playin it ; the screen turns blue. And you cant see a thing. When you hit the escape butten and load the menu it disply fine again but I cant understand why the game doasnt wanna run.? Isit something with windows because every other game runs well
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  1. i'd start by making sure you have the latest patch (v1.40 Cumulative Patch)

    if that doesn't work, try running the game as an admin. or try running it in compatibility mode
  2. I got it working.. first off I didn't change the compatibility.. I set every thing to low and when you start the game and it still shows a black screen try downloading the deviance no-dvd crack... and start the game every thing on low graphics, it will freeze at the loading bar but stand up and go make some coffee for it will take long to load the first time only.. when you are in you can change everything back to very high or ultra high but not the lighting you can put that on high only..(don't know why) then its works.. we'll mine did... I didn't try the 64 bit but maybe this will help and I did it on the 1.4 patch
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