A laptop to run bad company 2...

Hey people. I was just wondering if there is a laptop out there that could run Bad Company 2 on medium (preferably high) settings for under 500 Great British pounds...

Does such a machine exist? And if not what kind of price am I looking at for a machine like this?

I live in the UK btw.
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  1. I doubt you can find a laptop that will play BC2 on high at 1200*1024 with out spending clost to $800-900. Granted your in the UK prices will be a bit higher.
  2. im running a G50VT-X5 with a T9600 inside. 4GB ram and a 9800MGS and it run the game at medium @ 1366*768 .. native resolution ... i know that msi will have them new laptop serie soon online. im watching it, the GX640. it come with a Core I5, 4GB ram and a HD5850 GDDR3 ..... it will run the game better ... and it will cost 1200$can ...for 1500$ for the same laptop, but with a Core I7, 6GB ram and a GDDR5 HD5850. this version will run the game @ high without problem .. but in UK ..
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