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Hello and thank you for at least reading my post.
I have a Toshiba Satellite L6550-S5076 laptop and for some reason its not connecting to the internet after I resume from sleep mode.

I am running windows 7 64 bit home edition and even after a windows driver update and I think I updated the card itself as well but I'm not sure, it still won't connect to the internet after I get it out of sleep mode.

I have tried connecting to many different networks from non protected to strong encryption and when the laptop starts it connects no matter what. When it comes out of sleep, it will not connect until I restart it. I ran tests on the hardware and it shows nothing wrong. I forgot what I used to test it but it was software that you all recommended on another forum I read.

One thing I notice is weird is the fact that I went to device manager and changed the "TX power level" from auto to 100% on one wakeup and it resolved the problem. I cycled it once more to see if that did fix it but it only started complaining again. I changed it back to auto and it connected.

Any ideas what could be causing me this issue? Thank you.
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  1. It may be a setting in the power plan that you have and you should go into it and make sure that all the settings are what you want. Under the advanced tab there are a lot of options to choose from and I think one or two have to do with wake on lan so you should take a look and make sure.
  2. did you try to reset the config free setting provided by toshiba ?
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