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Hello! I would like to know what mouse would be the best for a fingertip-gripper and a tight budget. I play Starcraft II a lot and Call of Duty 6 a little bit. I don't care id it is wired or not and I'd like to have some buttons to make macros. I have more or less big hands and I currently have Microsoft Comfort 3000 mouse and I don't find it really comfortable :D . I've been looking on Cooler Master Storm Sentinel and Inferno. They're both well-priced and have great features, such as high-dpi sensor and lots of buttons. Which of those two would you recommend to me? Or perhaps you have other products in mind that you think will fit my needs and my tight budget?
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  1. The Inferno has been launched as a mouse for MMO gamers and thus so many buttons.. A similar option would be the Razer Naga.. Out of your options though, my vote is for the sentinel.. Am a logitech fan anyway and as such i'd recommend the G500..
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