Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device problem

Alright, so I'm going to start from the beginning since there might be a clue I'm not seeing.

I was playing video games and suddenly my screen froze. Thinking it was a minor problem, I started pushing all the "oh crap" keys when a game freezes. After nothing happened after five minutes, I restarted my computer. For the first time I saw the message "Express Gate Installation not Complete." Thinking nothing of it, I let it continue to load and once it reached the windows loading screen, I figured something was wrong. I have the OS loaded on an SSD and it's never taken more than maybe a couple seconds. However, it took about five minutes before the computer restarted itself and went through the loading process again.

When it was supposed to load the windows screen, it gave the "Reboot and Select Proper Device" line. Restarting it, I went into BIOS to see if all my drives were detected, and they were. Letting my computer restart itself a couple more times just gave the "Reboot and Select Proper Device" screen over and over again. Assuming it was my SSD, I went out and a bought the same exact one. After plugging in the SSD and putting the Windows 7 Disk in, it went straight to the same screen as before. It's not reading the CD/Dvd Drive either. After having a friend look at and coming up with nothing, I'm getting fairly frustrated.

Does anyone have any idea or am I doomed to build a new computer?
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  1. It's an Ocz agility 2. I haven't thought of that, after work I'll go pick one up and try it out
  2. Also check your SSD firmware, the newer one is v1.37,_Vertex_LE,_Agility_2/

    Download the SSDlife free version too
  3. I replaced the cmos battery And it ended up doing the same thing as before.
  4. Also, I can't download either of those, I can't get to my desktop. Unless there's someway to download through express gate
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