Why do the usb ports work the printer and not flash

I have been having trouble with my usb ports not reading my flash drives. I just did a little test and was shocked to find that my usb ports will run printer and not flash drives?
I tried to update the drivers but it says they are up to date. What can cause this? It is 5usb ports 2 in back and three across the front. My system is a Dell Studio XPS Desktop 435T/9000 64 bit windows 7. Jim
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  1. If you still have warranty left on the computer then you should go to the Dell support page and enter in your express service code and ask for tech support.
    Have you done any hardware changes or software changes lately ?
  2. I am 7 days past warranty 3 years. I did add software. I used restore to go back to date before I installed it. I have turned off the let computer turn off device to save power. i read that would help it did not. Still trying Thanks
  3. Go to the action center and run the trouble shooter and see what it comes up with.
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