Umax astra 2000p driver- win7 x64

Hey This Is Irfan, M Looking For Win7 X64 Driver For My Scanner- Umax Astra 2000P, Is There Anyone Who Can Help Me Wid This......
If U Can Then PLzz Send Me The Link

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  1. Umax support looks a bit variable -- the product line is fairly consistent across different markets so look for various Umax sites and see what drivers each has.

    To be brutal, if this is an older model and you most likely can't easily find a Win 7driver (or the connector isn't USB), I would personally dump it and get a modern Epson or Canon.
  2. I have the same problem, to find a driver for my scanner UMAX Astra 2000p, W7 64 bit. If you find the answer for you problem, please tell me, as well
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