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Dual Monitor Display, Different Colors

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
August 16, 2010 7:48:53 PM

Hi I'm trying to do a dual-monitor display however, one of the monitor displays different color tones than the other one. I'm using a dual-monitor desktop wallpaper and it's noticeable.

I've memory recalled both of them so they should be exactly the same. Also, they are both the same monitor (ViewSonic VA702B) and even tried updating drivers. Is there something wrong?
a c 193 C Monitor
August 17, 2010 12:55:08 AM

The 1st thing to do is to go into the OSD (on screen display) and set the color temperature and color offsets (Red, Green, Blue) to the same values.

The 2nd to do is realize that there will be a little variation even with the same make and model.

And 3rd, the monitor uses TN panel tech which means colors tend to shift the more off-center you are from the center of the screen.
August 17, 2010 6:17:48 PM

1: Everything on the OSD are exactly the same. That's the very first thing I did obviously. Also, I did the memory recall (Memory Recall is on the OSD and resets the settings to factory settings). So even if I missed something on the first trial, the second one after memory recall still looked exactly the same.
2: Little? It's quite a bit. Ask everyone who looks at it. I use a Dual-Monitor (2560x1280) wallpaper and trust me it looks different. The left monitor has a sunset hue and the right monitor looks more like the weather in a storm just because they are a different color. Of course, I don't know which one is the correct one.
3: Center? It's the entire screen. Trust me. You can be far away from the monitors and notice that both look completely different colors.

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a c 193 C Monitor
August 18, 2010 6:41:57 PM

Use the following website to adjust both screens:

Follow the instructions and adjust both screen at the same time step by step. This is mostly for brightness and contrast ratio. It will not help you with color accuracy though. For that you will have to manually tweak one of monitor's RGB settings in the OSD until you are satisfied. Then adjust the RGB settings of the other month until it visually matches as close as possible.

August 26, 2010 6:56:28 AM

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