Sound card ?!?!?!?!?!?!

Hello,just installed win7 got some games one of them is gta :SA
(the sound was gone when i installed win7 it shows that no audio output is installed but u can't install nothing for logitech X230 )
so the game refuses to start and says gta:sa can't find audio card installed !!!!! if u can help me contact me.
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  1. You'll need to determine what audio chip is in your system. The card is most likely built on to the motherboard (if it was a separate card, you would most likely know what it is already, and would not have posted this question). If you are using the onboard audio, consult your motherboard manufacturer's website for up to date audio drivers and install them.

    Oh, and please do not include your email address in any posts on the forum. The spam bots aren't exactly picky...
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