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I'm running on a Compaq Presario c700 at the moment, and the wireless stopped working since yesterday. Before it stopped working, my computer spontaniosly decided to shut down for some reason. My theory on this is that the computer overheated (It's happened in the past with this one) and the wireless chip in it decided to just die. Under network connections, It doesn't even show wireless as an option for a network adapter. Your opinion?
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  1. Is it still in the device manager? If not, try going to compaq/hp's support site and downloading the driver for it. If it doesn't work, it's probably that the overheating issue caused a connection from the wireless card to the motherboard to be fried.
  2. Well I dunno about that, but I somehow fixed it. It just started working again randomly, and I have no idea why. Huh.

    Oh well.
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