Epson GT-2500N or HP Scanjet N6350 - Urgent Help Needed

Hi Guys,

At work i was requested to choose a network scanner for the department (deadline today or tomorrow), we are around 9 people. We are in need of a color scanner mainly, the black one is handled by a large networked photocopier. I reached the two scanners mentioned herein, i.e. the Epson gt-2500N and the HP N6350. each has different specs in terms of speed and options:
Main differences are:
1- that the epson is faster then the HP by almost double the speed
2 - the resolution of the HP seems higher but is not a major factor as 1200 dpi is enough i think
3 - the HP can send the scanned documents to the desired computer on the network (same subnet of course) as i understood from the user manual online
4 - epson user reviews seem to be better and it is an older scanner in the market.
5- HP reviews are still rare and the ones existing seem to reflect special cases, the device seems newer in the market though

now taking the above into aspect, and through your experience, which one do you recommend and why? the price of the HP (although not a major factor as the company doesnt care which one we buy) is more reasonable in my country then the epson. it is similar in price to the UK and USA, in contrary the epson seems to be 1.5 times higher then the USA price.

is the epson more reliable? is the send to computer feature important in the HP since this will give users an oportunity to send the scans to their computers while being next to the scanner!

Your urgent advise and if possible experience with these scanners is highly appreciated.
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  1. I currently own three secondhand Epson USB and SCSI scanners, not the top of the range models you are looking at -- they just go on working.

    The software's okay and Epson support isn't bad, though it's the usual offshore setup where you need to use your own initiative occasionally.

    I was less impressed by the HP scanner I used.

    I'd also look at Canon.
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    I ended up ordering the HP for the main reason that the HP has a better user interface then the Epson. it can send the scanned document directly from the scanner to the computer of the user or a network folder (as i understood from the manual) thus the user doesnt need to go back to his computer to launch the scan, he/she can do that from the scanner which will not be in the office of the user but in a common room. I hope it will be a good scanner.
  3. Hello together,

    i have found this thread after searching for reviews and co. Can you please tell me, if you are satisfied with the HP? Do you have a lot of problems with it or does it work properly?

    And here are some more special Questions:
    1. How noisy is it in standby and during a scan?
    2. Does the scan-to-mail function works properly, even with a password protected smtp server? (The HP Color LaserJet CM1312 does have the scan-to-mail function but can only handle not password protected smtp server, thats why i ask). And is it possible to manage an adressbook with several email-adresses where the scan should be send to?

    I hope you will find enough time to answer my questions, it would help me a lot and maybe it will help other people too who are considering to buy the HP Laserjet.
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