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Hello im just wondering. I have A ECS K7S5a motherboard.(http://www.ecsusa.com/products/k7s5a.html)
And it says that it only supports 266mhz FSB. And im thinking about buying a Athlon XP 2.6 (thats the max CPU that my board supports with the newest BIOS) but on that CPU it says its Bus Speed is 333mhz. So my question is that backwards compatible?
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  1. Nope...get a 266mhz bus cpu or a better motherboard...

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  2. damn. Is there any 2.6 with 266mhz bus speed?
  3. hmm...i think so...check monarch computers...a while back i thought i saw them carrying it...

    But in all reality...just get a 2400+ and increase the multiplyer to 2600 speeds...it will do that on stock voltage...

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  4. I found an athlon xp 2600+ 266mhz FSB, the funny thing is that it goes for twice the price of the 2600+ 333mhz =)
    Is the Thoroughbred any good?
    I think ill go with this, AMD Athlon XP2400+ Thoroughbred 2.0GHz 256Kb 266MHz 0.13

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  5. Tbred is fine...it has the same performacne of the palamino but runs cooler and the Tbred-B's overclock much better...

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  6. Why not buy Barton 2500+?
  7. Very dumb response...

    Because it uses 333mhz fsb

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  8. yea i havent seen any barton 266.
    Hey while im at it, any tips for cooling fans?<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Shrimpstenman on 09/09/03 03:38 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  9. Just remember that every 10Db the fan is 2x louder

    30db is nearly silent

    40 is managable

    50 is plain loud

    Also keep in mind that the rpm of the fan can also determine how annoying the noise is...high rpm fans tend to sound buzzy...

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  10. Buy a better Mobo.
  11. and faster memory? Would it really be worth it? Considering that the higher clock speed of the 2400 sometimes gives it better performance in the benchmarks...

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  12. True Just to give him another option with Barton 2500.
  13. The Standard cooling fan thats included in the Boxed 2400+ are they any good?
  14. The retail heatsink/fan <i>is</i> designed to cool that chip. So is it any good? Sure!

    Is it <i>great</i> though? No, not really. Heh heh.

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  15. okey. How quiet is the retail fan?
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