Dlink 560M USB or SupraMAX USB? Advise please.

Hullo all,

I am looking to get a new 56K Modem after my old Lucent Venus blew up.

I'm sure everyone wants a modem that is fast, stable, and in the case of USB will not utilised too much processing power. Also, as I'm using Windows XP, I'm hoping these 2 manufacturers will come up with an XP driver really soon.

So my question is pretty much this. Which of the above manufactured model will you recommend?

Have you any bad experience with these modems before? I know line connection is a major factor here but I'm leaving in a new development and it's all crystal clear Fibre Optics line. Therefore, stability and speed and CPU utilisation factors will stand.

Thanks for your comments.

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  1. I had a bad time with d-link it wasn't with a modem but a router/switch wouldn't work properly and customer support sucked bad! I ended up returning it. I don't by d-link anymore but it could have been just my bad luck :)

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