Can ID theft be carried out by online forums? I had my credit card details stolen in the past & no longer trust online relating ID info?

So what are the risks of online ID theft even through the use of your photo display? I have heard people having ID theft carred out through facebook how true is this?
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  1. Don't trust any genuine information to Facebook. They clearly retain and mine personal data for their own purposes -- even photos judging by how they keep showing me pics that I've restricted access to on my page and inviting me to tag them.

    They continue to invite me to join sites which feature bands deleted from my preferences list some time ago.

    They keep sending me reminders of invitations to become friends which I ignored years ago.

    They seem to randomly send out names and picture inviting people you have no contact with to become friends -- at least I keep receiving suggestions of friends from Facebook and actual invitations to become friends from people I have never heard of.

    I'm glad I originally used a false identity on Facebook even though it clearly defeats its social networking purpose.

    The reason Facebook has been so dangerous in the past was that it was easy to gain admission to pages via friends of friends (and the security settings were so confusing that few people used them properly to prevent this).

    It's still possible to learn a lot about a person just by looking at their friends' pages -- however scant the info on each it still builds up a picture of sorts which might assist in identity theft.
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