Anyone living in France, please help!

Hi there, anyone of you living in France? I am currently living in France but doesn't speak french so I am having difficulty to try to build my PC.
I am hoping someone out there can recommend some tips where to go for components and all in France, anything like the newegg in US?

Thanks so much,
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  1. I am not actually in France but I am building a pc for someone in France later this month and i just ordered the components for him yesterday from a French website.I used <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> but i also looked at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>.The prices are not comparable to newegg by any stretch of the imagination but they are good for Europe (I live in the UK).

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  2. Thanks so much, got any idea where I can get an english or us keyboard?
    Are those site save in terms of using your credit card?
  3. I'm getting my friend a qwerty keyboard from the UK and taking it over for him.AFAIK it is possible to get hold of a qwerty keyboard in France so maybe you should ask around in stores or have a look on Ebay France or even Ebay UK (quite a few sellers on Ebay UK will ship to mainland Europe).If you have no luck there, there may be the odd UK-based site which will ship to France (i doubt you will find any US-based site which will ship to France).
    As for the security of using French sites, i expect they are as good as most and that your details should be safe.I had no problems with (although the stuff hasn't arrived at my friend's house yet).

    no matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd. :]
  4. Thanks so much ad_rach
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