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My Samsung SyncMaster 910MP is finally dead. The backlight is dead on first one. It was still under warranty, so they sent me a refurbished unit, but this one didn't last as long as the one I bought (seems like a dead logic board or something) that I first had a hard time to get the monitor to detect the source and it's finally time to get a new one.

What is the best screen I can get for 300USD and preferably something that I can just walk into a store and buy one? Seems like the Samsung XL2370-1 is very reputable and very nice for the price. I will use this monitor for gaming, photo editing, movies and quite possibly watch HDTV. It has one DVI and HDMI, which is exactly what I need. But is there any other choices that are just as good and have at least the same amount of interface or more HDMI? I guess it doesn't hurt to have VGA too.

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