Windows 7 64 not recognizing network connection

my HP 6500A plus printer (wireless) all of a sudden I can't scan or use printer to print normal documents - it was fine yesterday but now it sucks!!!!
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  1. Did you make any changes to the system setup? Did you try rebooting Windows or restarting the printer?
  2. Herr_Koos said:
    Did you make any changes to the system setup? Did you try rebooting Windows or restarting the printer?

    Yes, I did all of the above with no luck. The wireless connection is lost between the printer and router and I contacted the router supplier and they remotely checked it and it is working just fine, especially because I can access the internet - so somehow the wireless part on my printer has failed - copy works but I have lost my scanner - any more suggestions?
  3. Have you tried to reinstall the printer to the network ? I have the exact same printer and it's connected wirlessly to my router. There was an isntance where it lost the connection but I did a reinstall and it's fine. I know you shouldn't have to do that and it should stay connected but there are things that you do with a computer that can knock it off.
  4. Thanks, yes I did try the reinstall however, when you get to the prompts where it asks you to enter the router information - it tells me that it is unable to retrieve the connection .
  5. Where you connected with the usb cable ? I do know that on the install cd it has the option to just connect by wireless or by usb.
    Now on the back of the printer there is the network cards address it's called the mac address , you can write that down and then go into the router and in the tab where you have the accepted devices and you can see the mac address of the computers that are connected to the router you need to make sure that the mac address of the printer ie in there , if it isn't you can add it or I should say you need to add it. Then run the installer again.
    If that doesn't work then go into your computers , control panel / network and internet / homegroup / view and print your homegroup password and write down the homegroup password. This is what the printer needs to connect to the router and you may have to manually enter it into the printer. The little screen on the front of the printer has an option to connect to the router and you will be prompted to enter in the router password.
  6. Thank you for your input - I will try your suggestion and see if it works.....thanks again.
  7. I have decided, since I didn't get any positive results with my lost wireless feature, to hook up with an ethernet cable to my modem and my scanner is now working. So now I have a wireless printer sans wireless!!!! Oh well, at least I am not without a scanner (double negative)!!!!
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