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Sorry if you have seen this already but thought folks might be interested in participating...

For enthusiasts who visit the "top-secret" launch site, it's survival of the fittest as they compete for an opportunity to take part in the AMD Athlon 64 launch event on Sept. 23, 2003. Winners will have the opportunity to bid on one of just 64, $640 prize packages that include:
· an all-expense paid trip for two to San Francisco
· tickets to the invitation-only launch event, and
· an exclusive bundle containing a top-of-the-line AMD Athlon 64 processor, motherboard and memory
At $640, the prize package costs less than the processor itself.
Finally, the lucky winners also will get to take part in a "skills" competition on Sept. 22, with the grand-prize winners serving as industry liaisons at the Sept. 23 launch event. These liaisons will receive:
· unprecedented access behind-the-scenes
· one-on-one interviews with industry participants
· the chance to meet guest speakers who made AMD64 computing on the desktop a reality
· the opportunity to share their experiences with the world live on the Web.
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  1. It sounds like an AMD love-fest. I'm surprised that the trip is for two. I'd have expected them to make the A64 your date. :\

    Seriously though, talk about a yawn and a half. The <i>chance</i> to meet guest speakers who "made AMD64 computing on the desktop a reality". Does this mean marketing fluffs? Or perhaps management? If they had said "The opportunity to converse with the engineers that designed AMD64 in a private one-on-one meeting." I'd have been a hell of a lot more impressed.

    And "an exclusive bundle containing a top-of-the-line AMD Athlon 64 processor, motherboard and memory" doesn't specify <i>which</i> A64, <i>what</i> motherboard, or even what speed, quality, and quantity of RAM. Actual details would be more impressive. (Or maybe they're not given because they wouldn't be...)

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  2. Woot Woot

    I completed the submission. It was not easy, with the vault opening sometime during the hour and the timed test, with two questions at the end. Even if you open the vault you still aren’t guaranteed winning. I hope the fact that they don’t have to fly me in weighs in my favor.

    Schmide <-- almost chosen as a elite 64 winner

    Dichromatic for your viewing plesure...
  3. Just fly to Japan and buy one.
  4. yes. my country is just below Japan, it's not very far.

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  5. To far for me. Long plane ride.
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