Upgrading the G73

Ok... with myself about to order a G73... and being one that I am for upgrading things..... gotta ask a few questions....

1) How difficult/costly (if possible) would it be to upgrade the 720M to a 920M? How much performance increase should it see?

2) Raid HDD? The HDD are supposed to be Raid capable, but I've never played with this before... can anyone explain if it's worth it on this system?

3) Would it be worth upgrading the 8G RAM to 16?

4) How dangerous is the inbuilt overclocking?
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    1_The performance increase isn't much unless you do very CPU-intensive apps,also doing it is easy but it will void your warranty
    2_I think they aren't pre-configured as RAID so you have to configure them yourself
    3_Absolutely not,8GB is more than enough for today's games/apps
    4_I don't thin its dangerous but IMO its not good to always run the CPU at an OC'd speed,so in idle mode its better to run at stock speeds
  2. I often tend to run Second Life and Photoshop at the same time as well as a few unintensive apps (like firefox). I know Photoshop can be VERY CPU/GPU intensive, as can Second Life with max settings and shadows enabled. MY understanding is that the G73 is pretty much equal to my desktop performance-wise, if not slightly better, which can do this with pretty much no issues (excluding shadows - which literally halves my SL framerate). Current desky: 512M 9800GT with a 3.16G Dual Core Intel, 4G RAM.
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  4. The G73 uses the HM55 chipset that does not have a raid function available so RAID is not an option. The turbo mode is certified by both intel and thus your manufacturer if they allow the support (aka overclocking) so it is safe. 8GB is fine, I am not happy asus cut the corner a bit there and used DDR3 1066, but alas it is what it is and most people won't know the difference.

    The 920 in that particular laptop is a waste of money. Why put an 1100 dollar chip into a 1600 dollar laptop?
  5. I was looking on here and found this thread i have a g73jh and wanna upgrade to the intel i7 920qm, nvidia gtx 480m or 460m and stick 8g's of ocz ram in it, i know it'd cost alot whatta you guys think, worth it??? wish i had the cash for an origin powerhouse haha, i'd build a tower but i spend alotta my time on the road so i'd like to build this guy up a bit more
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