RGB VGA better than HDMI ???

so I own a LG32LD550 and I have noticed when I connect my pc through RGB cable I get a better color reproduction on the HDTV same thing when I connect it through DVI - HDMI, I have tried this with both computer nvidia and amd graphic cards, the same results, so am guessing the HDTV monitor is the cause of this. I have also noticed that through RBG I don`t get the extra sharpness of the text I usually get with HDMI, and most of the options are disabled, could anyone one please explain to me why this is happening or anyone who is experiencing the same. presumelly DVI and HDMI are the same digital signal but instead am getting a broader spectrum of colors with DVI and RGB cables. the difference is slight but noticable.

thank you all for the input in advanced, I would really appreciate that anyone who notice this to post here and post his HDTV model :). thank you.
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  1. if you have access to hdmi or dvi inputs why would you want to downgrade to rgb?

    my guess would be that you havent tried to run monitor setup with your graphics card software. you should be able to get everything looking perfect if you do. it will adjust your graphics card output so that it displays how you want it on the tv. oh and perhaps the tv has different settings for rgb and hdmi/dvi input so you might want to check that as well.

    dvi and hdmi are superior quality to rgb.
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