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Download your copy of win7 with the product key

i have a win7 home basic installed on my laptop ..... It is a OEM licensed software ...I have the product key
So, is it possible to install win7 with another install disk and activate it .... as i have my product key......
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  1. The OEM copies of windows 7 are usually linked to the hardware set of the laptop. Unless you purchased a separate windows 7 disc with multiple licenses then you cannot. The disk is only for restoring or repair purposes.
  2. if i changed my OS to another .. and i want to reinstall previous OS in my laptop ........
    will a install disk and the product key will suffice ?
    Can any install disk be used?
  3. One product key = one license. In your case, the license is tied to the original computer. As long as you install that license on that computer you are good to go.

    If you want to move the license to another computer, then you are violating the OEM license.
  4. i understood that ....

    my laptop is Sony
    now i have win7 home basic on my laptop........
    i want to change it to win 8.........
    if it crashes or something bad happens .... then i will have to install my previous OS .... as i have no install disk of win7 home basic with me .... only the product key..... so will any install disk and my product key will suffice
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    You can download an ISO of your version of Windows and burn to DVD. Then you'll have a copy if you need to restore (and don't want to use the restore partition on your system). Look here:
  6. thanks bro...
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