HELP! Mouse Lag followed by System Lag

Hey guys,

After switching from Vista 32 bit to Windows 7 64 bit I have been experiencing mouse lag followed by system lag.

My Computer:
HP m9300t (modified)
2 x Western Digital 320 gb drives in raid 0
4 gbs ddr2 corsair
intel q6600 (quad core @ 2.4ghz)
HD 5850
300 watt stock PSU
Other spec (mobo etc)

This problem is a huge nuisance! If I leave my computer idle for about 10 minutes or so the mouse lags then the whole system lags. ALSO! the sound becomes extremely distorted with weird echoes as well.

Appreciate the help,

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  1. Check your Device Manager for badly installed devices.
  2. You dont have enough power your PSU is weak.
  3. Good catch - daship. I missed that. I guess I need a nap.
  4. I'll buy a new power supply and see if that works. Thanks guys. Will Select best answer when I confirm the problem.
  5. Yeah you might want to get that PSU changed before you use the computer any more, unbranded 300w whilst running a 5850 + quad is asking for the death of your system.
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