TECH: Apolloe 13 auto launch is a dud!

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Turn the launch handle and the ball goes about a quarter the way up the
ramp. I put in a new coil (the correct one) with new diode and still
dud. I replaced Q2 (I think is was TIP122) and same result. What else
is there that is causing the auto-launch to act like a dud? Please help!
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    I do have about 70 volts at both terminals.
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    Oops, it's Alollo.
    I do have about 70 volts at both terminals.
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    I suppose you replaced the coil sleeve too check by moving it with your
    hand that the plunger mech moves freely and it's not too wobbly. Also
    check if the game is in the right angle. I'm not too good at data
    east/sega electronics but if 70 volts is present and the coil fires
    there should be no other possibility of electronic fault (since you
    replaced it's main transistor) except maybe the pre driver of the
    coil's transistor.
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    New coil and new sleeve. Everything moves freely. Angle is good. I know
    the tranister has a pre-driver but not sure what it looks like, where
    it is or part number for a new one.
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    Is the plunger the right one/length? How about PF angle? Side to side
    level? The angles shouldn't do this but worth a look. The plunger
    length would kill it for sure. How about setting... is there a "coil
    strength" setting? If so that could be it. On mine with everything
    per the manual (IIRC), the ball almost shot off the playfield. I'd
    check coil/plunger length

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    A13 was the first Whitestar game. Q2 should be a mos-fet. Tip122 are
    used on that board for low power (flashlamps).
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    Did I screw up on Q2? What is a mos-fet? Is it a part number?
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    Mos-Fet is a kind of transistor. should have
    some for you. If the coil works fine, your problem is not the transistor. If
    the transistor failed, is shorted or open, the coil would not work. I still
    think it may be a mechanical problem.


    "Max" <> wrote in message
    > Did I screw up on Q2? What is a mos-fet? Is it a part number?
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