2.4GHz running too hot

System specs:
P4 2.4GHz - 800MHz FSB
Gigabyte 8KNXP mobo
Zalman Flower Cooler - CNPS6500B-ALCU (The Aluminium and Copper one)

Ok, when running SiSoft Sandra's burn-in test, the CPU temp registered a maximum of about 75C (measurements from Gigabyte's 'EasyTune 4' app), obviously FAR too hot. :\ The temp inside the case also seemed very hot, no problem I thought; "Buy a case fan"...
<One 92mm case fan later>
After setting up the fan as to bring cool air into the rear of the system, the maxiumum temp when running the burn in test still reached 72c - the case temp now however is a lot cooler than before.
I have tried reseting the heatsink, after cleaning off the surfaces of the CPU and heatsink with alcohol etc, but to no avail. The ambient room temp here is about 20c, the temp inside the case isn't too high either (CPU temp even reaches like 65c when side of the case is off!). Idle temp creeps up to about 50c after 30 mins or so. Airflow inside the system case is also good, with lots of freespase for air to circulate.
The core voltage is around 1.610v, which strikes me as being a little too high, so I am wondering if it is that which is causing the problem. In the BIOS, I have the core voltage set to "Normal", just assuming it would be correct.
Nothing in the system is overclocked, so I would have thought that since I have a heatsink suitable to cool a Chiefton tank, the CPU temp wouldn't get so high. Judging by all you folks, that have full load temps of like 50-60c, sonmething is awry in my system. Any help would be gratefully appreciated, thanks.

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  1. When you reseated the heatsink, did you put some arctic silver thermal paste on? and how much? Can you check the temp in your BIOS, as it could be possible that your temperature readings are wrong.

    Try installing MotherBoard Monitor 5, see if it give you the same readings. I haven't heard any cmplaints about EasyTune yet, but I know from the forums that there are some monitoring programs that don't give accurate temps.

    You could also try leaving the side off the case and have a fan blowing in, see if that lowers your temps.

    That does sound awful high. I have the 2.4 533MHz and at idle I run around 28C. I only have 2 80mm fans in my case, and airflow is not the best.

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  2. Have your tried flashing your BIOS to latest version?

    My BIOS showed wrong temperatures(shown to high like 66Cº under stress) until I flashed it.
    (I have a Asus P4T-E, and vent from BIOS ver. 1004 to 1006)

    Then my maxium temperature dropped to 42Cº.

    Wich I belive is a more accurate number :)

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