Laptop charger gives static and shuts down touchpad - need help!

Okay, so I really need some help here!

I finally revived my laptop that's been out of use for about 4 months. However, the charger for it seems to have taken an unexpected hit too.

Whenever I run my laptop and have the charger plugged in, it gives out a noticeable static sound (just from the charger itself, you can actually hear it.) This also makes it so that the sound in your headphones gives a loud static noise. Moreover, my GFs computer, which is right next to me, also hears the static in her headphones. It also shuts down my touchpad completely.

This is on an Inspiron 9400, the Voltage is 19.5V and 4.62A, if that has any bearing.

Is this in any way dangerous? My finger feel iffy after touching it, but it might just be hypochondria. Is there any known solution to fix this that doesn't require me to open it up?

Thank you!
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  1. check the adopter with multimeter or take it to technician, also check for proper grounding of electric line in you plug point..
  2. You're getting some ground intereference. You can either lift the ground using a 3 prong AC to 2 prong AC adapter:

    or you can use a few chokes to subdue the interference. The chokes generally don't work as well, however. I would go with the ground-lift adapter.
  3. of course if you don't know much about this, the best option will still be to just get it to a trained professional. Servicing a laptop charger on your own without real experience and knowledge will just likely end up destroying your charger and your newly revived laptop.
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