Everytime I turn on my PC I have music playing and I can only get rid of it by m

:sweat: Hi Tom, I have an annoying problem. First off I run Windows 7 and my PC is an HP Pavilion p6330f Home Premium desktop. My browsers are Opera 11.50; Firefox 3.6.18; IE8; Avant 2011 Build 27; Chrome 12; Sleipnir 2.9.7 Build 2907400.

My default monitor sound driver is a Realtek High Definition Audio Driver version

Problem is I have some strange music (same one each time) that always plays in the bckground even when I am playing a video from say YouTube or an internal link in an email.

Muting turns it off but then I cannot get any sounds at all. I have searched for its source to no avail. I know there's probably a simple w9orkaround to locate/eliminate this music but I have tried everything I can possibly think of and still nothing works.

Any ideas guys? Thanks- JKMc/keimanzero SOA :cry:
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  1. Hi there

    This sounds like it could be an outdated driver problem. I had a similar problem using XP Home and updated the driver and thankfully it's been fine since.

    Problem is i've not had any experience with Windows 7, however i did manage to find some info and maybe a solution to your problem on Microsofts Answers site

    Good luck
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    Deep Scan for virus and trojan and malware ...

    Are u using some dumb toolbars that installs to IE,Mozilla,Chrome,Opera ..... ?
  3. :ange: Found it at long last guys! It was an Audio CD Burner and it was starting every time I opened Windows 7. I took it off the start up menu and now no more rock music! Hooray and thanks again for all your help- keimanzero :bounce:
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  5. nikorr many thanks. Yours was the closest to a best answer I could find although the problem was a cranky Audio CD Burner rather than a toolbar which I severely limit and hardly ever use 'em anyhow. Thanks again my friend- keimanzero
  6. Thanx, it could have been something nasty.

    Try, these are great tools and easy to use and the bloatware free.
  7. Thanks nikorr I will. Take care- keimanzero
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