Athlon XP 2400+ with 166 FSB

Just wondering if this is common.
About 2 months ago, I went out and upgraded my cpu from a 1.4 Ghz Athlon to a 2400+. Last week I picked up my new board with a nForce2 chipset. And promptly decided that, hell, the 2400 is a 'b' Thoroughbred, and pushed the FSB up to 166 and dropped the multiplier to 12x. It runs like a dream.
Is this common? I thought that they were supposedly speed-binning the cpus?

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  1. You're going to be running at about 2.0Ghz either way. Your current larger FSB will be faster in most applications, but the speed increase will not be anything worth bragging about.

    If it is running like a dream, start bumping that multi up. From what i've seen, Tbred B's can always go up to 2.2 on stock cooling and voltage.

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  2. Try squeezing some more FSB out of it, if your RAM can take it. you should be able to get over 180FSB easily. (e.g. my 1700+ is at 196FSB)

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  3. nForce2 supports dual-channel DDR400 (200MHz), it can still be pushed higher.

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  4. Nforce2 'Ultra 400' boards do..., but 'normal' nforce2 boards don't always - hence my 8RDA+ only running @196FSB pretty sure it's the chipset overheating as that's common with my mobo apparently (no H/S on the southbridge, and a crappy passive NB one).

    plus, I don't know how fast his RAM is, if it's only PC2700 then it'll probably only do 180 without having to raise V or raising timings to horrible levels..

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  5. Is the northbridge heatsink glued on to the chip or mounted through mobo holes because there might be a chance that you could take the passive heatsink off and replace it with an old pentium heatsink or k6-2 sized HSF and then your FSB might go higher?

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  6. It's mounted with the holes, and I have been thinking about doing something like that.. I think the two holes are too close together for a Socket7 type HS, but I know others have done similar, so I guess I can get a HS from somewhere..

    I'd take the passive NB HS and use some Arctic Silver Epoxy type stuff to glue it to the southbridge, and get a decent active cooler for the NB. Actually I think I'll go ask ppl in the Overclockers section - see if anyone has had similar problems with an 8RDA+...

    I'm not in any rush though, as it is running uber-stable at the mo.. and performs pretty good too..

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