Help with suspected overheating

Hiya all, new here. just upgraded my system, as it was getting crashy :)

i changed the video card to a new gf4 ti4800se, changed my cpu fan because i thought it was the prob my comp kept doing a freeze, changed soundcard cos freeze had looping awful shrieking sound. could not do the magic crtl+alt+del and had to a reset button push :D

my current system specs are
1600+ athlon xp
256 SD RAM
ks57a MB
video card as above
SB Live

current temperature of cpu when i run 3d games = 49 cel.
both sides of my casing are open.

unsure of my PSU though. my problem only occurs playing 3d games. just started happening recently when i upgraded to win xp. did a format but still the problem occured.

if i take a fan and blow at the side of my casing, i do not encounter this problem. so.. anyone have any idea which part is overheating and causing the sound loop freeze crash?

also if i can install a big enough fan (not a real fan but a casing fan type) inside would it help? spent alot of cash changing the system to no avail :(

any help would be nice and appreciated. thanks
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  1. The problem with these things is that they really could be any number of things. If blowing air at an open case fixes it though, that highly suggests that the internal case temps are the problem. So more case fans would probably help.

    What fans does your case have and how many more (and what sizes) do you have the option of adding?

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  2. Need more case fans. How many watts is your Psu?
  3. fixed it :)
    modded the heatsink on the chipset and removed the double sticky tape. used a thermal paste and super glued it back.

    bought a system fan, opened the casing, used the fan to blow into my motherboard rather then sucking the air out.

    result - cpu temp drops to 41 at idle at 45 at full load.
    3d gaming doesn't crash at ALL now. (i hope)

    overclocking.. maybe. :)
  4. Nice to see you got your heating problem fixed.
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