Hp Laserjet 100 doesnot print until LPT port delete and reinstall

hello to all!

I've hp laser jet 1100 printer installed on PC which does not print until I delete printer or ECP Printer Port (Lpt1) from device manager and reinstall it. after reinstalling it works fine but when by some reason I shutdown my computer or reboot my pc it does not print.every time I've to delete port and reinstal it then refresh it then it detects new hardware (printer hp laserjet 1100) and prompt me that new hardware is installed and ready to use. I've windows xp installed on my pc with service pack 3 and antivirus escan also instal on it.what could be problem ????I am stuk and frustrate doing it daily.please help me to resolve this issue.thanks in advance.
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    Open the BIOS screen (on desktop PC usually press Del key as it boots -- for laptop read manual).

    Disable any ports which are not in use; COM and Game/Midi are likely candidates.

    Save and exit and start Windows, uninstall Printer Port, close Windows and reboot. Reinstall printer port and close Windows and reboot.

    The aim is to take advantage of reassigned resources in case a clash is the cause of the problem.
  2. I've done it but in vain.:(
  3. Damn. I don't know what to suggest except to try the computer with a different printer or the printer with a different computer to see which is the problem.
  4. I've had already done it last I've reinstall windows on that it is working fine.thanks for you suggestions and help I really appreciate that.
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