Hi I bought windows 7 Home edition, which was an upgrade, so I had to have an older version of windows. I bought 32 bit but I want to use 64 to get the most of my ram. Will my serial key work with 64 bit version?
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    as long as it is the same edition of windows the serial will work with 32 or 64-bit windows. also if going from a 32 to 64-bit OS then you will have to backup all data because it will have to be installed cleanly
  2. So would I lose all my partitions? Also what do you exactly mean by cleanly.
  3. When you put the upgrade disc in there will be an option to either upgrade or do a clean install. Since you have a 32 bit version and want to upgrade to 64 bit you will need to do a clean install. It install in the partition you want it to and will dump the old windows into a folder called windows.old where all your files from your previous install will be. I still recommend that you back everything up first as something could go wrong.
  4. Ok thanks.
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