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Hi, I have a bit of a problem. This might have been discussed before but I'm not sure of the best way to describe the problem.

I want to hook up my PC to my current 5.1 system, but it's oriented 90 degrees clockwise to my TV. I'd like a software solution to "orient" the audio coming out of the speakers to reflect this, rather than switching all the wires every time I want to use the PC or building a switch box.
Essentially, I need some software that can switch the input channels to a different channel.
IE: The sound intended for the Front Left Speaker comes out of the Front Right Speaker, Front Right out of Rear Right, Rear Left out of Front Left, Rear Right our of Rear Left.
I can move the centre speaker as and when, it's fairly small and the wire reaches.

Here's a diagram of my current layout, labelling each speaker as it is currently wired.

Btw, I have Realtek HD Audio Manager, it came with my motherboard. If there's a way of doing this using that software, that'd be even better, but I haven't figured it out by myself.
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  1. No, there is no such software that does it automatically. In my Gigabyte realtek audio manager, I can change which output goes to which jack. That's a good request...
    But you see I have six jacks on the back of my motherboard. I don't know which motherboard you have. Mine is built with on-board surround outputs. Therefore, the outputs can be re-programmed.
    In your case, you have a stereo output, from the PC, feeding the input of a 5.1 system. You have no separate surround outputs controlled by the PC. Therefore you cannot reprogram which channel is sent to which amp.
    All the new quad processor boards have the outputs, for future reference, the older ones only have right left outputs.

    That reminds me just how primitive PC audio software really is. I can't even switch left and right with the software.

    Anyhow the configuration of your system prevents you from doing that.
  2. Where can I get a longer version, 10m or so, of the surround sound speaker jacks. I'm not even sure what they are called :/
    The back of my amp has a multi channel in, for each speaker, but it looks like it takes more of an old style composite video sized lead, whereas my PC surround sound jacks are much smaller. (btw I do have 6 jacks on my motherboard)
  3. quite often there are audio players that allow you to switch which output goes to which speaker.

    and the x-fi series of soundcards from creative (maybe other x-fi cards too) let you play a test tone and click on which speaker you want the sound to come out of.

    if you want it to happen with the onboard soundcard, you would need an audio player like foobar.
    this is only going to work for music.

    some movie players on the computer also allow you to pick which speaker plays what.
    so that means you can get it for music and movies.. but not for video games or websites like youtube.

    if you want all of the audio to play properly in a 90 degree orientation, you would need a soundcard like the x-fi that allows you to do it in the thx setup console.

    with the thx setup console.. there is a picture of a room with all of the speakers.
    you press the start button and there is sound from the left front speaker shown in the diagram.
    whichever speaker is actually playing the audio (say the rear left speaker) .. you click on the rear left speaker in the diagram and the soundcard will route the audio without forcing you to change the cables around on the back of the receiver.

    you have the corrections you want listed in your first post.
    so when the diagram shows audio coming out of the speaker, you simply click on the speaker you want it to come out of.
    i dont know if it works with a digital connection, but it will work for an analog connection.

    i dont know if other soundcards do this too.
    but i know the x-fi does it.. and i know the audio and video players do it.

    of course it can be done in software, it is simply mapping the speaker to the correct output.
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