AFM wanted in So.Cal...have TZ, ToM, Card Whiz, cash.....

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Hi All,
I am looking to trade one of my machines for an AFM.
TZ is collector quality: beautiful non-faded, non drilled cabinet,
beautful no-mylar non-worn playfield w/clear ramp, gumballs, and slot
machine. No errors. This is a very nice example.
ToM is the same: Both of these machines are really 9+++ all the way
I also have a Card Whiz (EM) that can be used as trade fodder :]
Card Whiz has some normal wear, but it is minor (mostly some wear
around some playfield inserts), but playfield still looks great and
glossy, non drilled cabinet, has been shoppped out recently with all
new playfield rubbers and posts, flippers rebuilt w PBR hi-power coils,
new coils stops, links plays great...
Looking to trade within the So Calif area if possible. Other machines
would be considered, such as: JY, MM, SS, CFTBL, TSPP, Fathom, Xenon,
Flash, or ????
Who wants to play let's make a deal?? ;}
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    I don't have an AFM but I'm looking forever for a Card Whiz/Royal Flush
    so if you have it left over after your deal and want to sell it or
    maybe trade it for something, lemme know....Frenchy
    Black Hole
    Fast Draw
    Strikes and Spares
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    Interested in selling your Flash? I'm located in So Cal.
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