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hey guys, sorry i couldn't find an actual "car audio" section, so i figured here was my best bet..anyways, my friend gave me a dual sub box, but im really not sure if its for 10" or 8" subs, the hole's diameter is 9" or 9 1/2", but im not sure if its for a 10"sub and it just fits in that way, or if its an 8" sub and the sub itself would take up the 9", im planning on ordering subs tommorow or the next day and i dont wanna have to send them back =\

oh, another thing, yes i've tried contacting my friend, but he isn't giving me a straight answer, almost as if he doesn't even know what i mean by "was the subs it had 8" or 10" subs?" please help guys =)

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    get a tape measure to know if it is 9 or 9 1/2.. then look at the specifications of the subwoofer.
    some will tell you the measurements of the cutout hole.

    i am looking at one 10 inch subwoofer and it says the cutout hole needs to be 9 1/2 inches.

    the only way an 8 inch sub would fit is if the lip of the speaker was wide enough OR if you use an MDF ring to screw the sub into the ring, and then screw the ring onto the box for an adaptor.

    i had a look at another 10 inch sub and it says the cutout hole is about 9.3 inches.

    i had a look at an 8 inch sub and it says the cutout hole is 7 inches.
    another 8 inch sub says it needs 7.17 inches cutout.

    chances are, the cutout hole is for 10 inch subs.. or an 8 inch sub with an adaptor ring.
  2. sweet, thanks man, its 9 1/2" so imma go ahead and order the 10" subs and ill let u know how it goes =P. 1 more question, lets say the holes that are cutout are just a lil bit too small, would it hurt the sound quality at all if i were to take another 05 " or 0.25" or so out (depending on the subs needed cutout diameter) if it came to no other option? thanks for the reply =) oh, if it helps these are the ones im planning on getting, thats my only budget price i cant go any higher and reviews say these are actually good quality (for the price of course) compared to other ones of the same price

    it says Overall Diameter: 10.5" but would that be end to end? or the cutout needed?
  3. overall diameter is for the outside edge of the basket.
    if you go inwards, that is where the screws go.

    if you have to shave that much from the cutout hole.. it generally doesnt hurt UNLESS the box is made specifically to bounce a soundwave off of that area you plan on sanding.
    if the box was that meticulously designed.. the rear shape of the speaker would be of utmost importance.

    i have had to shave some cutout holes on speaker boxes myself.
    i mean.. i have made it work with screwing the speaker down so it touches tight on the cutout hole.
    the speaker didnt go all the way in.. and i didnt screw the speaker down all the way super tight to bend the edge of the speaker basket.
    you just have to watch what you are doing if you decide to screw it down like that.
    and if the speaker is heavy enough.. you might bend the edge of the speaker basket if you have to slam on the brakes.

    eventually i got sick and tired of the speaker sitting on the cutout edge like that.
    so i sanded the area to make the speaker drop all the way in.

    as i said..
    it doesnt matter unless the box is built with all of the soundwave reflections 'calibrated'
  4. the cutout size for subwoofers is usually smaller than the claimed size , usually the manufacture of the sub or speaker has this available at there website.i kind of think that they are generous in how they measure woofer sizes, but any how . be aware that there are odd ball sizes out there like 7 " , 9" , 11", 13" 13.5" and others that i probably haven't seen yet . it isn't to hard to find these sorts of thing for any name brand product online
  5. ok well, im just going to assume the cutout needed is around 9" or 9 1/2" or so, that would give 0.5" cleared on each side, since the overall diameter is 10.5" imma assume the cutout is bout an inch less, i doubt the box is made for any specific qualities, it seems like just a plain carpeted box to me (i got it from mowing a lawn lol) so thanks for your help =D ill order those subs when i put the money in the bank, and when they get here i'll post the results of how it goes =D

    @jacob yeah, i've seen a few of them before, its kind of irritating when you NEED a certain size and the one you get doesn't fit/work as good

    EDIT: i went to the manufacturer site and read their .pdf manual of it, and from what i've gathered the cutout size appears to be 9.30" so thats good =D thanks for all your help guys. see ya when i get them here and in the box =)
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