I have the asus A7V8X-GBL Motherboard with a AMD Athlon XP 2700+. My cpu voltage is currently set to default (1.65). How ever it runs at 1.74-1.77! I can not change the voltage in bios so whats the problem?

My other voltages are as follows -
+12V - 12.5
+5V - 4.8
+3.3V - 3.2

These are taken at a full system load. Are any of these a problem?

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  1. I just checked mine close to yours. P4 2.4C OC to 3.0. My running stable for 4 weeks.
  2. my system isn't over clocked at all.

    Supporting AMD with your breakable stuff.
  3. The caps on the asus boards tend to send the cpu voltage a little high under no-load conditions. Once you are actually using the cpu, the voltage tends to level out. This voltge is only a meter voltage as it can not deliver any power. Dont sweat it.
  4. I have a celeron 1.7 on the asus p4pe.
    My vcore is set to 1.75v but asusprobe always reads it as 1.85v.
    My Palomino 2100 runs at 1.70v when i want it to run at 1.75v on gigabyte ga-7va
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