Lenovos dual screen laptop


Noticed this just before, forget msis dual screen laptop they were thinking of releasing... this thing has the power :D

FORM FACTOR : Notebook
PROCESSOR : Core i7-920XM 2.0 GHz
STORAGE : 320GB hard drive
DISPLAY : 17” WUXGA + 10.6” WXGA
CAMERA : Integrated camera
OS : Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
COMM : Wireless a/b/g/n, Bluetooth
CARD READER : 5 in 1 Media Card Reader

Would make for a epic portable workstation
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  1. Whew...$9300. Even if I had that kind of cash, you would figure that you could get a desktop like that for less than half the cost. Still though, pretty sweet machine.
  2. This is new zealand, with the most overpriced gaming/professional laptops ever... if you go to newegg/tiger direct etc, youll prob find it below 2500USD lol
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