Green sylvanna tv screen?

2004 sylvanna tv screen turns green when turned on. goes back to normal color throughout the day but goes back to green as well. any advice?
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  1. Is it just 100% a green screen or are the colors just tinted green?

    And what kind of TV is it? (LCD, DLP, Plasma, CRT?)
  2. 100% green tv. it is all green when i turn it on, then it goes back to a regular color. then throughout the day is turns green again. it is 2004 32 inch sylvania tv. model #sst4324. serial # t5043361. my cable technician from charter cable tried to figure it out but couldn't. he added new cable wires and a cable box but that didn't work. triede changing the picture screen on the tv. i called sylvania and they said they would have a tech come out for $70 + repairs. any advice? thank you kindly
  3. Looking up the model tells me its a CRT TV.

    The issue is most probably a problem with the picture tubes or the chip that tells the tubes how to behave. After age the tubes that color the image can run into issues. These can be fixed by a tech, but given the age of the TV it might just be best to buy a new set. It is not a repair that you can do on your own.
  4. thank you for you help. have a good one and take care
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