3D tv dilemma

Hey guys, this is my first thread so please be nice :)

My family recently bought a 3D tv that comes with glasses. I think it was from samsung.
Long story short, we had to return the tv cause we had so many problems with it.
We really loved the 3D effect it gave but it was really tiring for the eyes and the glasses were bit heavy.

I was okay with it but my parents just returned it :(
We still spent a lot of money and need to replace that with something else but don't know where to start.
My parents are not really tech-kind of people so they let me ask online so I'm here.

I wanna get another one sooner (because we are currently TV-less. Feels like a cave person here lol)
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  1. You should get one from LG! Samsung tvs require heavy battery-powered glasses. On the other hand, LG 3D tvs come with light weight glasses (they look like sunglasses) and give less strain on the eyes. If only the xbands were lighter, than I'd wear them outside.
  2. I understand you. I had similar experience a few days back. Samsung 3D TVs use active 3D TVs and their glasses have problems like flickering and ghosting which can make your eyes hurt. What flickering does is, it creates 3D effects by alternating the image from left and right really fast. They say you can't notice it but I've seen many people complaining about it. Also these active 3D glasses are heavy as they work with batteries which means you need to charge them. Due to these inconveniencies, most people prefer passive 3D TVs. And as far as I know, LG’s passive 3D TVs are the leading passive 3D TVs in the industry right now.
  3. Let me start by explaining that 3d tvs are grouped into two. The active 3d (usually from Sony or Samsung) and the passive 3d (Vizio or LG). It's normal for active 3d tvs to flicker because that's how they really work. They are also bundled with battery powered glasses which makes it heavier than the passive 3d glasses. On the other hand, passive 3d tvs are flicker free. The glasses that comes with it are lighter and cheaper. Based on what you mentioned here, it seems that your parents and I have the same preference so I would suggest you get a passive 3d. But I wouldn't recommend you get a Vizio now because I read a couple of comments complaining how hard it is to get fixed when it becomes defective.
  4. man that really sucks. My uncle had the same thing happen to him. The glasses were too uncomfortable because he already had prescribed glasses. He returned the active set and got an LG passive 3D tv. He bought clip-ons and now he arranges movie nights every week with the whole family!
  5. When I tried samsung's glasses, they didn't feel really heavy. The reason for me why I didn't land on a Samsung 3D TV is I didn't think I would deal with the flickering on the glasses.
  6. This kind of effects comes up often in the Samsung 3d TV. Other brand like Sony or Panasonic also has active glasses but their flicker issue is lower than the Samsung. I think the wisest 3d to buy is LG or Vizio like yang mentioned above.
  7. I actually like the picture of active better than passive, but the eye fatigue is too killer and the glasses are just way too much uncomfortable. It is not as if my eyes are bad. They are in complete fine condition. This is why I got the LM series TV instead of the ES from Samsung.
  8. Hey, welcome to this forum! Due to similar issues my friend also had to return her TV to Amazon. Later on after doing a little search we both decided to replace it with LG LM8600 and best to my observation its way ahead then the previous we returned. Its PQ is just fabulous! And, TV has dual core processor which shows the stunning performance while enjoying some fast motion scenes. Its 3d glasses are so comfortable and less-expensive; furthermore, you will get six pairs of passive 3d glasses along with this smart passive 3d TV. I think, you too should look for the same model if it suits what you looking for.
  9. I'm not really sure what the dual core processor has to do with stunning image quality. But LG's marketing is sure doing a bangup job... /kudos.
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